And why not? Going back a bit, we had these little trailers at the back of the stage where we could hang out, get dressed, and keep our instrument cases. You know I lived at his Mum & Dad’s for the first couple of years? They have riots, folks are stomped, trampled, or even killed. Rick Nelson was such a great artist, he could have done anything. Elvis was also a great gospel singer because he loved it and truly believed it. We also worked with U2 when they recorded there in 1988 to produce their ‘Rattle & Hum’ album. ". Apr 15, 2019 - Explore Diane Colby's board "James Burton", followed by 706 people on Pinterest. Ozzie said, "If you accept it, I’ll send you a telegram, just sign the telegram and send it back to me.". That must be extraordinary. Ronnie Tutt always laughs with me & says “Man, I’d never play any of these songs this fast!” However we do realise that it’s, like, 30 years later though! W.J – When we were the Mar-Keys and had the first record Elvis would sometimes come out & see us ‘cos he loved the horns. James Burton: Bob was happy for us, he was happy for me, that Rick was interested in hiring me to be his guitar player. 'Elvis In Ottawa' Spotlight & Elvis Interview: "Kissed By Elvis" Janet Fulton Interview: The Music of Elvis Presley - Australian Radio Show, Elvis Presley In Concert "downunder" 2006, Graceland - The National Historic Landmark. Selected back issues of FREE online newsletter. In 1975, Emmylou Harris had hired both James and Glen D. Hardin for her Hot Band. Wayne Jackson was interviewed by Piers Beagley for EIN, September 2002/2006. It was over, it really was the end of this era. My God, those jumpsuits he wore weighed a ton! By 12th grade Wayne Jackson found himself playing with a group called The Mar-Keys. EIN – Thanks for sparing some of your valuable time & talking to us. Rick opened the show, and we closed the show, and we would do another set of shows that same night. We did that for about 10 years. Elvis came from Tupelo and turned into the "King of Rock’n’Roll" – It was the American Dream. He loved his kids, boy I tell you, his youngest child, Sam, is a great singer, too. He loved Mother - a typical Southern boy - He loved his Mother and his Daddy and God and the United States. Interview by Piers Beagley. James kindly agreed to talk to EIN about the visit and his extraordinary life. All the people from American had left town, Reggie Young, Bobby Wood, Bobby Emmons and Chips Moman. Did you ever end up playing with Elvis on the Hayride? In the end I’ll have over One Hundred platinum records and most of them were done at American Studios. So that’s what we did. Please make sure you specify that the donation is towards the museum. Rick turned out to be a great guy to be around and play music with. That was exactly a year before Rick died in a plane crash in De Kalb, Texas, very close to my hometown in Shreveport. But deep down Elvis was a great example of what a Southern person was like. It is very nice to talk to you. James Burton - About meeting Elvis 1 1953-56' In Depth Book Review: 'Aloha From Hawaii' 40th Anniv LEGACY CD Review: 'Prince From Another Planet’ In-Depth Review: 'A Boy From Tupelo' special In-depth Review: 'From Hawaii to Las Vegas' FTD CD Review: 'Elvis: Live at the International' Book Review: Elaine Beckett -Easy Come Easy Go costar- Interview: Interview With Elvis author - : Gillian G. Gaar. J.B – As people, one never looks for the worse. I honestly think he could have if he had lived long enough. But Bob was a great guy to work with and a great talent. If it wasn’t for family over here I could get lost down there! He had a big tone, and I had a big tone. Bevor James mit dem Spielen der Gitarre begann, trommelte er mit Besenstielen auf allem, was er im Haushalt finden konnte. Those things he fell into will destroy and distort anyone. Twitter: jburtonmusic. Fifty-three Rick Nelson singles reached the Billboard Pop 100 chart, with five more doing well on the Country and Adult Contemporary charts, respectively. Q: Did Rick ever tell you what to play? Above all, I miss him. Matter of fact, when we recorded the solo for "Fools Rush In," Ozzie came to me, and he said, "Boy, that solo you played was so good, man, that reminded me of a solo my saxophone player would play in my old orchestra.". James Burton: I suggested ‘Fools Rush In’, that was my fault! It seemed to be all over. It’s my day off between recording sessions and you are right, today is still my Birthday! W.J – Luckily Wilson Pickett’s ‘Land of A Thousand Dances’ was General Motors theme song back in summer 2002 and so I made several thousand dollars that year, although I only got paid $65 to record it initially! Born in Memphis and raised across the river Wayne Jackson's love of music began with a guitar. 4 - Sound of the City, Book: Elvis The Louisiana Hayride Years 1954-56, Film Posters & Lobby Cards - a photo gallery. -Copyright EIN May 2006 - First some essential Memphis musical background. We’d never been to Europe before and me being a country boy from the sleepy, cotton-town of West Memphis (Arkansas), even Memphis was a big deal. “In 1969 Elvis asked me to put a band together for him to open in Las Vegas at the International Hotel,” Burton says. We would tell him what we wanted, and that was cool. By the time he was seventeen, Rick's musical idol, Elvis Presley, was taking the nation by storm, so Rick decided that he also wanted to be a rock and roll star. I unplugged my guitar, and I had to run to my trailer and throw my guitar in its case. They weren’t very long, probably 45-minute shows. I mean most singers who go to Las Vegas get ‘Vegas throat’ because of the dry air and they can’t sing, while Elvis kept going doing 2 shows a night! How & where do I sell my Elvis collection? Can you believe it’s 26 years since his death already? Auch diese Gitarre war akustisch. Q: Before we dive in, should it be "Ricky" or "Rick?". Rick’s two sons, Gunnar and Matthew, performed at the very first James Burton International Guitar Festival in 2005. J.B – Well, nothing was planned! He would come to some clubs we worked at and he’d sometimes park out the back behind the Rainbow Room. I couldn’t even pick one up! But Ozzie was a brilliant music man and a great producer. But I definitely remember playing it with Elvis and I think that we did eventually put it down. I don’t know if you know this but Elvis did ask Horace Logan if he would manage him at that time. By the time he was seventeen, Rick's musical idol, Elvis Presley, was taking the nation by storm, so Rick decided that he also wanted to be a rock and roll star. Rick also toured internationally, something Elvis never accomplished other than a few dates in Canada…. All the music we did is just as good today as when we recorded it. That could have happened, though. NOTE: For more information about Wayne Jackson's autobiographical books, discography, historical journey & photos go to his website "Sweet Medicine Music". What a heart-wrenching three days we had that August in 1977. Elvis in 1969 - Ann Moses & Ray Connolly Interviews: Ernst Jorgensen interview about 'On Stage' and Elvis' Legacy in 2010: 'The Original Elvis Tribute 2010'- An Elvis band on Tour: Interview: Ian Fraser-Thomson (1969 Vegas Rehearsal Show), Review of FTD Book/CD Writing For The King, Book: Return of The King Elvis Presley's Great Comeback. Interview by EIN Contributor Jeremy Roberts. He wanted me to come out the next day (laughing), I said, "Wait a minute! He has played on over 100 Top Ten records and still is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He has also played with Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Dean Martin, The Everly Brothers, Bobby Darin, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. Well he got busy, wrote it out and the next day we really did record the Number 1, ‘The Wonder of You’! Everybody said, "Yeah, sure, why not?" The whole band, including road manager Donald Clark Russell, guitarist Bobby Neal, bassist Patrick Woodward, drummer Ricky Intveld, and keyboardist Andy Chapin, they were all good friends of mine. In fact, the two musicians lived in Rick’s parents’ home for two years. The facility will showcase Burton's collection of guitars and classic cars as well as models from some of his celebrity friends. James’ replacement, Joe Osborn, lives about fifteen minutes away from me in a little town. EIN – Tell me about your company ‘Sweet Medicine Music’? The James Burton Foundation, a 501(c) non-profit organization at 714 Elvis Presley Avenue in Shreveport, is constructing the proposed "James Burton Guitar and Car Museum". On that special, there were people such as Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, K.D. Seine Eltern erkannte sein Talent und schenkten ihm seine erste akustische Gitarre im Alter von 13 Jahren. James Burton Interview - Rick Nelson & Elvis: 'Live A Little, Love A Little' FTD Soundtrack Review: 'If I Can Dream' Elvis with the RPO - In-depth CD Review: Is 'From Elvis In Memphis' the only Elvis album you need to own? He says ”Hey, let’s record that! James Burton: No, actually I didn’t, because Rick would do his show first and Jerry Lee’s band would never be backstage until maybe Rick’s closing number. Q: Rick’s hit singles started drying up by mid 1964 as the British Invasion exploded ("The Very Thought of You" was his last Top 40 hit until Dylan’s "She Belongs To Me" in 1969), and you were asked to perform on Shindig. Wasn’t there a lot of pressure on you to make sure that it all sounded perfect & ‘rehearsed’? Elvis had that voice and the looks and he soaked up all kinds of music. It would have been the same as Elvis; whatever suited Elvis, the fans bought it, and this should have happened in a similar manner with Rick. It must have been really tricky? Thomas and Elvis Presley. Hier sah James Burton einen 53er Fender Telecaster und war fasziniert von dem Instrument. -Copyright EIN April 2011 - DO NOT COPY. One of my favourites. Interview by EIN Contributor Jeremy Roberts. EIN – When you look at footage of Elvis in concert you can see that he spontaneously changes songs around. Delaney Bramlett sang and played bass, Joey Cooper played rhythm guitar and sang, Glen D. Hardin (of the TCB Band) on piano, Chuck Blackwell on drums (he came out from Oklahoma with Leon Russell), and myself on lead guitar, so that was The Shindogs, and we did 90 percent of the recording for the show with all the artists that came. After leaving Rick, James Burton became a huge fixture on the L.A. music session scene, playing on thousands of recordings and eventually joining Elvis’ band in 1969, staying with The King of Rock and Roll until his death in 1977. EIN – I think that lot of fans don’t realise how hard you were also working in those early 1970s with other important stars like Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris along with The Hot Band. They were also good friends; they played football, baseball, and softball together. EIN – When I look at what you were doing in the seventies I can’t imagine how you managed to find time to do all those recordings you did as well as and touring regularly with Elvis & also his studio recordings. I just couldn’t see how he could gain & lose weight so fast without doing his health some damage. A lot of times we all felt like The Beatles ‘cos people were frantic to see us. Many will have spotted the quiet man playing the pink paisley Tele on stage with Elvis during his famous Las Vegas 70s residency, but few seem to grasp the huge influence James Burton has wielded over the history of rock ’n’ roll. The fans really loved him so much, and they would have bought anything he did. So I was really supposed to be on that plane that killed Otis and the band – but having to stay back for the overdubs on ‘Dock Of The Bay’ saved my life! If you listen to that, the first solo was actually supposed to be double–solo but Elvis came back in singing cutting it short. . 'The On Stage Season' FTD In-Depth Review: 'The Elvis Files Vol. She would plan her tours around Elvis’, so she could have both men in her band as well. James Burton September 4 at 8:31 AM Hey guys, It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m so excited to announce it’ ... s a “Play It James” Labor Day Weekend on Elvis SiriusXM Radio with a new episode of The James Burton Elvis Radio Hour, featuring John Carter Cash and classic episodes with our friends Bryan May, Sammy Hagar and Tanya Tucker! Remember how good he looked when we did The Aloha Special? Elvis held his family values highly. Elvis or Michael Jackson - who is the bigger star? J.B – Oh my God! James Burton: Oh yeah, absolutely. They could have turned the lights out. But we were working so hard and it was non-stop two weeks on, 2 weeks off right to the very end. My son’s ex-wife called to tell us the news, but I didn’t take the call. EIN – When, as a musician, did you first become aware of Elvis in Memphis? We had this truck bed at the pitcher’s base where the stage was set up, and the fans were a little-ways away. Burton is a native of Louisiana, born in 1939, who started his professional career in music at the age of 14. I remember Jimmie wrote my solo down for "Hello Mary Lou." The first session I did with Rick was for the "Stood Up" / "Waitin’ in School" single.
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